Monday, December 27, 2010

Home and Chocolate for the Holidays

It's so nice to be able to bake in a real kitchen again. Never again taking for granted counter space, which there always seems to be a lack of in the college kitchens. Having ingredients and tools without having to take public transportation is nice too.

I've been taking advantage of these benefits while they last with these Grammy's Chocolate Cookies adapted from Martha Stewart.

Friday, November 5, 2010

the lifestyle

I've realized after being at college for only two and some months that it's not just a place, a school, a body of students. It's a lifestyle. Everyone choses to live it differently, and I'm sure there's something to be learned from how each person lives it. Being my blog, much of the contents of LifeStyle University will naturally come from my experiences. But I will also try my best to bring in the lives and styles of others to you.

And just because it happens to be a lifestyle that I'm living in college, the values and ideas behind it are not necessarily limited to a campus.

For example:

Two things college students really want

1) Good food
2) Cheap clothes

Two things many people in general really want

1) Good food
2) Cheap clothes

So here adventure on my life, my style: my LifeStyle.